Some feedback from our students:

"I like Mel's art club because we make cool things"

“My son absolutely loves his art classes with Mel. It is one of the highlights of his week.”

“My 10 year old has been going to your art clubs since you started 3 years ago. She always has a fabulous time, brings home the most amazing pieces of art. She has developed a real excitement for art and painting. Thank you!"

"Art classes with Melissa are exciting and creative. Lessons are fun and allow me to explore and express my creative skills in lots of different ways. We are amazed at the stunning art work Ella has produced! We are running out of wall space!! “

“I really love Art Club because it is really great fun and I enjoy all the projects we do. My first project was acrylic paint on canvas where we painted a copy of Flowers by Van Gogh. I was so proud of my work and it is now hanging in our kitchen for all to enjoy. Melissa is an amazing teacher and I learn so much every week. “

“My child really enjoyed doing art clubs in year 6, it helped tremendously with her self confidence when she went on to do art in secondary school”

“Art club is the best club ever and my favourite artist is Van Gogh”

“I think that Art club is really good because we do really good pictures”

“Art club is fun and exciting. We do absolutely amazing pictures and study fantastic artists”

“My favourite picture was starry night”

“I like how Mel changes the pictures and makes it creative”

"My son started Art club with Melissa a few weeks ago and absolutely loves it! He comes back with interesting pictures which he has learnt information about as well and always excited to explain what the picture is about and where it originates from etc. Its not only fun but informative and educational and I am delighted that he is lucky to have this opportunity at his school. "

“By going to Melissa's Art Club, my daughter has revealed some artistic talents that were unexplored before. She can now draw, paint and use oil pastels confidently. She can imitate great artist such as Van Gogh or design her own abstract piece. There is no limit to what Melissa can inspire her. Thank you Melissa.”